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"Fantastic, I'm totally blown away by Focus."

Charles Mendoza, Senior User Experience Specialist

"This is unbelievable. After using Focus my buisness skyrocketed!"

Michael Long, Front End Design Professional

"Focus is worth much more than I paid. It's just amazing."

Frank Wilson, Human Factors Evangelist

"Focus impressed me on multiple levels."

Amber Gutierrez, Usability Practitioner

"Amazing app."

Billy Lewis, Visual Professional

"It really saves me time and effort."

Bobby Douglas, Mobile Information Architect

"We've seen amazing results already. Focus impressed me on multiple levels."

Brandon Riley, Associate Interaction Analyst

"I made back the purchase price in just 48 hours!"

Christian Morales, Mobile Usability Consultant

"Since I invested in Focus I made over $100,000 profits."

Beverly Murray, Mobile Information Generalist

"Stunning photography."

Anna Weber, Food Photographer

"Quadrupled my social media likes!"

Carol Richardson, UX/UI Designer

"Brilliant presets for all my food photography."

Jesse Morris, Database Administrator

"Focus saved my business."

Brittany Bates, Associate GUI Strategist

"Easy to use and more convenient that the default camera app!"

Maria Rose, Interaction Crusader

"I don't always clap, but when I do, it's because of Focus."

Sharon Ortega, Information Designer

"Web traffic has never been higher than with Focus!"

Joseph Woods, Googler

"Focus is exactly what our business has been lacking."

Alice Roberts, Usability Unicorn

"Five stars."

Frank Thomas, Human Factors Strategist

"The service is beyond excellent!"

Robert Sanchez, User Interface Evangelist


Henry Cooper, Junior Interaction Developer

"I don't know what else to say. Focus is superb."

Joseph Garcia, Front End Design Specialist

"I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product."

Samuel Lee, GUI Guru

"Dude, this app is the bomb!"

Raymond Alvarez, UI/UX Architect

"Don't hesitate to download."

Roger Wells, Head Front End Designer

"I highly recommend."

Walter Gardner, Human Factors Producer

"You're already missing out. Get it now."

David Chen, Director

"My work has never looked so good."

Kevin Lee, Food Blogger

"My new default photography app."

Anthony Thompson, Photographer

"Can't get enough."

Lauren Bradley, User Experience Analyst

"I will recommend you to my colleagues."

Julia Alexander, Etsy Shop Owner'

"Selfies never looked better."

Teresa Harris, Videographer

"I broke Instagram with the help of Focus."

Janice Washington, Pinterest Consultant

"This app rocks!"

Jeremy Hunt, Photo Lab Manager

"Why are you still waiting to download Focus! Go now!"

Sandra Weaver, UI/UX Specialist

"Never a blurry photo, ever again."

Billy Rivera, Senior Business Analyst

"Testimonials adapted from"

Brenda Harvey, Cinematographer

"Selfies all day."

Joyce Ruiz, Database Consultant

"Avatars courtesy of UI Faces"

Thomas Howard, Marketing Specialist

"I love it."

Raymond O'Brien, Principal Content Consultant

"Makes my life so much easier."

Harry Day, UI/UX Sorcerer

"Names sourced from UI Names"

Messia McCoy, Associate Content Professional

"I broke Twitter thanks to Focus."

Sara Rose, Mobile Information Extraordinaire

"Share easily and rack up those likes!"

Amy Curtis, Chief User Experience Producer

"Just download the app and see for yourself."

John Black, Chief User Experience Guru

"Capture the best memories."

Harry Ramirez, Chief User Experience Producer

"Focus offers so much more than any camera app on the market."

Kevin Reilly, Black Belt Mobile User Interface Professional

"How can I love this app so much."

Jeremy Garcia, Lead User Experience Architect

"Best app in town."

Kelly Hawkins, Associate IxD Consultant

"Revolutionary in the photography apps niche."

Megan Webb, Senior Interaction Sorcerer

"Move over Instagram."

Jessica Peterson, Heavyweight Mobile Information Expert

"You will not regret this purchase."

Craig Bryant, UI/UX Developer

"Best. App. Ever."

Kyle Watkins, Junior Usability Researcher

"I broke Facebook when I posted a Focus selfie."

Jason Little, Principal UI/UX Crusader


Ethan Morrison, Chief Mobile Content Ninja

"Time-lapse is easy to use and very intuitive!"

Julie Robinson, Lead Front End Design Champion

"Thanks Focus!"

Barbara Butler, Head Mobile Human Factors Technologist

"VSCO Killer"

Jennifer Richardson, Junior Content Technologist

"Thank you for making it painless and hassle free!"

Olivia Jacobs, Junior Usability Unicorn

"Buy this now. I can't say enough about Focus."

Anna Jensen, Heavyweight Mobile Front End Design Ninja

"Selfies galore."

Kimberly Greene, Junior Visual Rock Star

"I would gladly pay over $600 for Focus. But I didn't need to."

Anna Cole, Senior Front End Design Specialist

"It's really wonderful!"

Karen Watson, Associate GUI Specialist

"I will refer everyone I know."

Christina Kelly, Heavyweight User Interface Extraordinaire

"Great job."

Jerry Keller, Junior IxD Generalist


Lianne La Havas, HR Specialist

"Keep up the excellent work."

Jordan Gutierrez, Heavyweight GUI Specialist

"The service was excellent."

Donald Dixon, Office Manager

"The best on the net!"

Robert Simmons, Administrative Assistant

"I like Focus more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier."

Barbara Douglas, Restaurant Manager

"I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Focus."

Dylan Banks, Head IxD Expert

"We have no regrets! I am completely blown away."

John William, Instagrammer

"I didn't even need training."

Leslie Feist, Executive Assistant

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