Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed

// why we stay put when our mountain is waiting

read 2 min (324 words) / write Jan 6, 2016

I first heard about coding bootcamps two years ago when a good friend of mine told me about a startup called App Academy. It happened over a margarita happy hour and like the complimentary chips they were serving, I ate it all up: A viable alternative to the uneconomical, drawn out, higher education degree? And I don’t have to pay the full ride until after I find a job? Hashtag byyee.

This is how it all started. I was already interested in pursuing a career in information technology, inspired by the new programming languages I was able to teach myself at work. If was able to do that successfully and without any formal guidance, I could only imagine what a solid and rigorous mentorship would do for me. The risk seemed low enough while the opportunities were vast so I decided not to wait any longer and made a dash for it.

Chances of success? Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent. Guaranteed. Old Teddy couldn’t have said it any better though actual numbers will vary. The chances of succeeding and chances of failing are both high when you try but there is no chance for success if you sit and wait and don’t try at all.

I’ve been in the Waiting Place for two years but there’s so much brainy and footsy happening inside my head and down in my feet, that I can’t wait any longer. There is a mountain ahead of me and it sure as hell ain’t going to climb itself! So here’s to the first uphill sprint and seeing all the places where it will take me.

It’s kind of exciting living by some outlandish Seussian statistic. More than anything, it’s naive as hell but I believe I’m worth the risk. I certainly can’t wait around for someone to realize my potential so I’ve got to take a risk on myself first and prove I can surpass that 98 and 3/4%.