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read 2 min (331 words) / write Jan 5, 2016

I should really just let it go. I only have three more days at my current job but it’s taking a lot for me to make it through the week. All these loose ends I’ve been trying to tie up are fraying out of control so my stress levels are off the charts even though I should just focus on the next chapter.

There is a ton of material I need to review before the fist day of class. I doubt there will be enough time to study everything again and the worst part is, I’m completely distracted by all the things happening at work. I need a game plan stat so I’m going to take this time to reflect on my priorities at hand.


  • transition lab managers + new guy
  • complete standard operating procedures
  • hand off user acceptance testing
  • finish data load + historical data QA/QC

Hack Reactor

  • review precourse slides
  • redo precourse implementation assignments and compare to solutions
  • review recursion assignments + solutions
  • read classmates’ bios

I have a bunch of little errands in addition to this list such as

  • groceries for the week
  • should try to get in a bulk foods run for.. you know, that snack life
  • switch gym memberships gasp
  • sign up for COBRA health insurance, wah, adult shit

Hmm, writing this list is stressful. I am going to do some work now so that I’m as prepared as I can be for tomorrow’s meeting. Yes, I do work right before bedtime. I’m a masochist. I mean, notice how my work list came first as if it’s my number one priority right now? I have trouble letting things go, I guess. Give me one more day and then maybe I’ll finally get to yolo.

I hate to end this post so uninspired. Honestly, I’m uninspired. I’ll scratch things off this list when I accomplish them and we’ll go from there. Baby steps. And don’t give up on yourself, yay.