// or, 'finally, a blog that actually works'

read 1 min (224 words) / write Jan 3, 2016

It’s been a long day. I’ve been working on The Scheme of Things since around 9:30 this morning and it’s been pretty much non-stop minus a few food and potty breaks. Wait, caveat to that last part: I was even working on this blog when I was doing the deed this morning. Seriously though.

This blog’s been a long time coming. It’s not what I was expecting it would turn out to be. My wireframes and mockups were left in the dust hours ago. I guess I’ve had new inspirations recently (it’s been months since I sketched the original designs) and I guess that’s a good thing for the sake of having an iterative design process.

Been gawking over the minimalist page transitions on Jeremy Sallee’s website and I knew I wanted that feel for the blog. I think I was pretty successful in making it seem like the user never leaves the page and instead, the canvas is being redrawn over and over. As a matter of fact, it’s all pure CSS! I really can’t seem to let that go.. However I’m saving the big guns for more features I want to add later on (i.e., side comments, scroll popups, morphing tooltips, and a parallax footer) so I promise I’ll use JavaScript then but for now, CSS will suffice for simplistic animations.